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What you don't know can cost you $$$

The college application and qualification process for financial aid, scholarships and college applications are very daunting for most families today. This is especially true when accessing and navigating the numerous websites, documents and financial information required just to get started. Without knowing how best to answer each question, which questions are required and which are optional, which answers can actually hurt your chances of receiving maximum financial aid and in some case cause you to not qualify, you risk missing out on thousands of dollars of financial aid over the course of your student’s undergraduate career. This is where Intelligent College Planning comes in.

The fact is over 90% of applicants incorrectly complete the required forms and applications. Most will enter the wrong information and some will unknowengly have their financial structure set up incorrectly which further diminishes the chance of getting the financial aid and awards you can actually qualify for. Essentially this is similar to leaving hundreds and in many cases thousands of dollars on the table because one didn't realize. This is what "what you don't know can cost you" plenty of dollars in lost financial aid, awards, grants and scholarships. Intelligent College Planning specializes in ensuring all your ducks are in a row and everything is handled accurately and correctly for maximum benefits.


Wouldn't it be great to know this in advance?

Once you fill out our financial aid questionnaire, we use it to produce a very detailed Student Profile Report that we provide to you. This will give you an in-depth overview of the essential items you need in order to make smart decisions on which schools to apply to even before you file for financial aid. 

Intelligent College Planning also handles all the electronic submission of financial aid forms for each year until the student graduates. This process alone is not only tremendously tedious to most individuals, it is also difficult, time consuming and very prone to errors - errors that can reduce the amount of free money you could have received. Once you receive your financial aid package from each school, our negotiation team will review it to ensure they are accurate.


We are confident you will love what our program can do for you

Put our our knowledge, expertise, financial qualifications and experience to work for you. Watch our video on The Art of College Cost Planning to learn all about the financial aid process and what we can do for you. We want you to understand as much about the process as possible. The more you understand the more you will see just how valuable and time saving our service is, and how Intelligent College Planning can be of great help in getting you the maximum amount of financial aid, grants, scholarships and free money from colleges you qualify for. Avoid visiting schools that you can’t afford or don’t help you graduate in 4 years.



Take hold of your future

Kuder Navigator career planning diagnostic software will help students pick a field of study so they know what to study before they enter college. We know if a student enjoys what they are studying, they are more likely to complete college on time and do well in school. The advantages of knowing what areas to major in at the beginning is HUGE! Not knowing what to study in advance could extend the time it takes to graduate beyond the recommended four years and therefore adding additional time and cost to completing a college education. This alone is very important and we at Intelligent College Planning are particularly dedicated to helping your student graduate within the four year period. Click here to learn more about Kuder® Navigator™ career diagnostic software. 


Our value proposition

1. We are offering this service at almost half the cost of other college planners.

2. Some companies charge $2,500 just for the essay writing service alone!

3. The ability to have all these services combined: financial aid filing service, asset repositioning advice, college search, negotiations team, essay review combined for this price is unmatched in the industry.

4. If you decided to cancel, it will only cost you $700 to receive the customized Student Profile Report.  It is worth at least that much to find out which schools that you should be considering.

5. Since most families eliminate almost half of the schools on their original list once they review the Student Profile Report, and the average family pays about $3,600 on campus visits and application fees, this can easily save you $1,800 just by looking at the profile report.  That’s more than half the cost of the service right there.

6. The Kuder Navigator program alone could end up saving you thousands of dollars in extra tuition expenses by focusing your efforts on what you already know you  enjoy and would be good career path for you.

7. You are not only getting college planning advice, but you have the opportunity to discuss your investments, tax issues, and estate planning needs as well with us when we meet.


Here is what you will get:

1. We help you understand the financial aid system.
2. We analyze your family’s ability to receive financial aid before filing the financial aid forms.
3. We provide each student with a customized Student Profile Report detailing the actual out of pocket cost for each school they are considering.
4. We develop methods and strategies to increase the amount of financial assistance you can receive.
5. We search for colleges that will provide the student with the most free money and graduate the student in 4 years.
6. We provide you with diagnostic career planning software to help your chances of getting out of school on time.
7. We complete and electronically file the FAFSA, CSS Profile and the State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).
8. We help negotiate a better financial aid package if necessary.
9. We review your common application and supplemental essays.


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Most families spend over $3,600 on campus visits and application fees alone applying to and visiting colleges. The Customized Student Profile Report saves you time and money by identifying those colleges that are within your budget and have the best educational value for money spent.

The average annual dollar cost of a public college or university


The average annual dollar cost of a private college or university

The fact is over 90% of applicants incorrectly complete the required forms and applications.